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COVID 19 Safety Policy

Dr. Andrea N. Varju, Optometric Corporation (operating as Salt Spring Eyecare Optometry Clinic) Covid-19 Safety Protocol

1. On arrival at work, an employee will first wash hands (soap and water for 20 seconds), change into their scrubs and work shoes, stow their belongings, and then wash hands again. At the end of their shift, scrubs are to be removed and placed in a bag to take home for washing before the next wear.

2. Employees will not wear jewelry or accessories. Tie back long hair.

3. Prior to entering the clinic, employees must self-assess their own health with the Covid- 19 screening questions. If an employee feels unwell with flue-like symptoms, develops a cough or fever (OR someone in their household develops these symptoms), they must not come to work, or must leave work immediately.

4. Employees must wear a mask at all times in clinic except when on breaks (or if we are closed and physical distancing can be maintained). Face shields or safety glasses need to be worn when employees are working within 2m of the patients (i.e., pre-testing, frame selection, dispensing). Gloves are available. (When removing the mask, wash hands before and after. Bend forward and only touch the ear loops. Masks should be discarded upon removal and should not be re-used.)

5. Patient must also be wearing a mask when working directly with an employee. Employee must refuse service to any patient who refuses to wear a mask; the patient can be referred to the office manager or a doctor if any further discussion is required.

5. Employees will wash hands at least hourly, after using the washroom, and before/after any patient interactions. If an employee sanitises their hands out of sight of the patient, they will verbally inform them that they have done so. The patient has the right to ask them to redo it in their presence.

6. Washroom: Hands will be washed with soap and water after use. Before exiting, employee will wipe down all surfaces touched with sanitizing solution.

7. Breakroom: only one employee may be in this room at a time. After lunch or using the “kitchen”, anything touched must be wiped down with sanitizing solution to prepare it for use by the next person. Hands must be washed with soap and water before returning to work. No guests permitted at any time.

8. Lab: Any patients’ glasses will be washed with soap and water before handling. When finished, employee will wash hands with soap and water and clean all tools used with sanitizing solution.

9. Dispensary: Any patients trying on frames are to be assisted by an employee at all times. The patient must be wearing a mask. Frames are to be handed to the patient by the employee. Any frame tried on shall be set aside for cleaning before being placed back ondisplay.

9. Pretesting and exam room: all instruments, tables, countertops, exam chair, keyboards, and mice will be wiped down with sanitizing solution after every patient use.

10. Patients will not be allowed to “wander” in the clinic and will be directed on where to go as needed. Eg. A patient might be directed not to “take a seat in the waiting room” but “please sit in THIS chair”.

10. After each patient encounter, the employee who was dealing with that patient will disinfect countertops, waiting room chair arms, door handles, Moneris terminal, eyeglass frames – as relevant to what the patient may have touched. The clinic entry door handle will be cleaned as each patient leaves.

11. Employees will sanitise their personal workspace at the beginning and end of every day and phones will not be shared.

12. All patients with scheduled appointments will be pre-screened with Covid-19 screening protocols established by the BC Provincial Health Officer.

13. The number of people in the clinic will be strictly monitored at all times. Physical distances will be adhered to as much as possible. Patients/clients may need to wait outside or in their cars until someone exits or they are advised it is permitted to enter the premises.

14. All paper correspondence between the clinic and the patient will be avoided where possible. Prescriptions and receipts will be available on a secure patient portal or can be emailed on request. Pharmaceutical prescriptions will be faxed directly to the requested pharmacy. If paper or cash must be exchanged, the employee will sanitise their hands immediately after handling.

15. Any employee may refuse to serve a patient/client if they are feeling bullied, harassed, or unsafe.

16. Every employee is responsible for safe practices and sanitization of work areas, tools, and surfaces. If there is ever uncertainty over whether an area is sanitized, it should be redone. Any person (employee or client) may request sanitization be redone in their presence.

17. If there are any concerns over the safe practices in this clinic, they can be reported to operation/health-professionals community-care.pdf Site/Documents/COVID19_IPCGuidelinesCommunityBasedAlliedHCPsClinicSettings.pdf